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Many of our clients are small to mid-sized businesses, many of which are family owned. Our mission is to help parties with limited resources gain access to exceptional legal representation and our success over the years has given us the resources and the experience to successfully represent our clients and guide them through major litigation.

Contracts are the heart of a business relationship. When one party does not hold up their end of the contract, it can cause disastrous losses for the other party. If you or your company is facing financial injury due to a breach of contract, call the Gegan Law Firm. Our aggressive legal representation is dedicated to your success.



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Mediation: The Benefits Of Having A Lawyer During Mediation

Mediation is a confidential out-of-court process that is much less expensive and time-consuming than litigation. For these reasons, many business contracts require mediation as the first step toward resolving legal disputes. While the goal of mediation is to reach a settlement agreement favorable to both parties, there is no requirement that either party agree to a resolution. Unlike arbitrators, mediators do not have the ability to make any decisions regarding the underlying dispute.

It's important to have legal representation through the mediation process and Edmund Gegan understands how to make the most of the mediation process to protect your interests.

As a trusted adviser and advocate, you can count on the Law Office of Edmund Gegan to:

  • Prepare a strong case going into mediation, including gathering effective evidence to support your position
  • Help you delineate your goals, priorities and willingness to compromise on discrete issues
  • Advise you on the legal ramifications of potential resolutions
  • Highlight any critical issues that could undermine your goals
  • Assist in drafting and reviewing any settlement agreements

If mediation fails to produce a resolution, arbitration or litigation may become necessary. Because we practice in both litigation and out-of-court alternatives to trial, we will stay by your side to represent you in court should the need arise.

Arbitration: Representing Clients Through The Arbitration Process

Like mediation, arbitration offers greater flexibility, swifter resolution and is less expense than litigation. Many business contracts and collective bargaining agreements contain mandatory arbitration and mediation provisions and in some instances, arbitration may be the only opportunity for a favorable outcome.

Unlike the mediation process, in which a mediator officiates but cannot make a determination or litigation, in which decisions are left to a judge or jury, arbitration allows the parties to present their claims before a private judge. The arbitrator is a neutral decision-maker with experience and training in resolving legal disputes.

While less formal than a trial, arbitration nonetheless demands a high degree of professional skill and training. You need an attorney who understands the nuances of the Federal Arbitration Act and the Revised Florida Arbitration Code in addition to litigation experience. You will find this high quality, legal advocacy at the law office of Edmund Gegan. As a seasoned litigator, he has the kind of background and training that are essential for successfully navigating arbitration.

In addition to representing clients in the actual arbitration process, we also represent those seeking to challenge or defend an arbitration agreement in court. Our extensive knowledge of contract law gives us the insight necessary to protect clients' interests.

Whether our goal is to vigorously defend your business’ rights, or to reach reasonable resolutions with a minimum of cost and delay, our goal remains the same:

Protecting Your Success

For more information about arbitration, mediation or litigation, please contact the Gegan Law Firm today!