Let Gegan Law Office Put Together Your Family Action Plan in Tampa, FL

What happens to your kids on day one, if something happens to you?
Even if you never thought about this question, you may be surprised to find out that you already have a plan in place. It’s the State’s plan, and it’s called Foster Care. Don’t get us wrong. Families who open their homes to Foster Children are generally wonderful people, and the stories you hear about foster families “doing it for the money” are mostly hogwash. Edmund Gegan and his wife have been a Foster Care Family, and have personal experience with the Foster Care System. But a good Foster Family will be the first ones to tell you that what is best for kids is to be with people they know, trust, and love and who might even be able to keep your kids going to their own school, play with their own friends and even sleep in their own beds. Stability is key for kids who have just had their world turned upside down and have lost so much, so it’s incredibly important to provide as much security, stability and “sameness” for your kids as you can.

That is your job, not the Foster Family’s job. At the Gegan Law Office, we don’t just draft a Will for you. We help you put together a Plan.
As parents of young children, our first responsibility is to make sure our kids are provided for. The question we need an answer to is - What happens on Day One, if something happens to us? As part of preparing an Estate Plan for families with young children, the Gegan Law Office helps you prepare the documents necessary for appointment of both a permanent guardian, as well as emergency guardians for your kids, who can take charge of your kids immediately, without even going through the Courts. But we also encourage clients to prepare their own Family Action Plan, to make sure that their kids are provided for right from Day One.
Once you have your Family Action Plan in place, take a deep breath and relax! The reality is that the chances of both of you becoming incapacitated or passing away at the same time are incredibly small! We are planning for the Worst-Case Scenario here. But once you have your Pre-Need Guardian documents and your Family Action Plan in place, you may find yourself feeling a deep peace of mind that you have done everything you can for your kids.
Being prepared for the worst can free you up to enjoy the best life has to offer you!