Estate Planning

At the Gegan Law Firm, one of the most rewarding areas of our practice is Estate Planning. This area of practice allows us to help clients foresee problems, unnecessary expenses, taxes and fees, and avoid those problems before they happen. Everyone needs estate planning. It is a service that is not just for wealthy older clients, but also for young families who are just starting out.

More than half of Americans have no plan in place for what should happen if they become incapacitated or pass away suddenly. Estate Planning is an essential part of your overall financial plan for protecting your business and providing for your family, no matter what your net worth. We want to help you put these plans into place and make the process as easy as possible for you.

We want to do more than just draft a will. Our mission is to help our clients keep control of their lives and their property, by advising them on providing a solid financial future for themselves as well as their loved ones. Helping you save every penny possible in taxes, attorneys’ fees and miscellaneous costs is more money to put toward you and your family’s futures.